Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique that uses hypnosis to uncover memories of past lives. When in a relaxed state of hypnosis, clients are able to access information from previous lives stored in the subconscious mind.

You are more than your physical body. Your energetic being has existed in many bodies, in many time periods. Your subconscious mind has a record of all of these lives and experiences. Throughout human history, we have been plagued with violence, disease, wars, genocide, and much more. These traumatic experiences can have an effect on your current life.

Are you experiencing a phobia without understanding where it came from? For example, irrational fears like water, fire, large animals, the desert, etc. Inexplicable, anxiety-provoking stimuli most likely have their roots in past life trauma.

Through a gentle induction and deepening techniques, past life regression can unlock the memories associated with present life fears and anxiety in order to heal. Just by the remembering and re-experiencing of the initial event, the mind is able to connect the negative association thus taking away its power and control.

I have trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, renowned past life regression hypnotherapist and author of many best-selling books, including Many Lives, Many Masters. Dr. Weiss has dedicated his career to healing his patients by uncovering the true reasons behind their problems, and is a pioneer in the field of past life regression. Through this transformative therapy I was able to help my own clients improve their lives by gaining the insight into the past trauma they didn’t even know existed.

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