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My name is Mallorie Shannon, and I’m a certified Life-Coach, Reiki Master, and Consulting Hypnotist. With a graduate degree in psychology from the University at Albany, my counseling background inspired me to explore alternative healing modalities that incorporated metaphysical and energetic components into traditional talk therapy.

After my own healing experiences with Hypnotherapy and Reiki, I was hooked! I was fascinated with learning everything I could about energy work, positive psychology, meditation, the subconscious mind, past-life regression, and so many subcategories in the realm of metaphysics. 

Through developing my intuition in conjunction with my certifications and trainings, I was able to provide healing for many clients who exhibited a wide range of symptoms/discomforts.

I often incorporate a variety techniques/modalities into any given session, for a unique fusion of my abilities. It is my passion to provide healing and insight for my clients, in order to maximize their potential and improve their lives. 

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